Tales of Link


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Tales of Link is a RPG from the 'Tales Of' franchise that was exclusively developed for touchscreens (Android and iOS), in which you can play with some of the most popular characters of the legendary Namco franchise.

The combats in Tales of Link are quick and dynamic. Players can control a group of up to nine characters, each one with its own special skills. Depending on each character's skills, you can launch a certain type of attack.

To launch an attack, all you have to do is draw lines between your characters, trying to include as many of them as possible. The more characters you get to select, the more powerful your attack will be. Of course, the same applies to healing spells.

Tales of Link is a game that features a simple and fun combat system, which is mainly aimed at fans of the saga. You'll even find different kinds of outfits that you can use to dress your favorite characters.


Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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